About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Some people know me as ‘Ghana’s most irreverent’ journalist. For many others, this also means I am ‘Ghana’s most irrelevant’ journalist.

I used to be very loud on radio and TV, but these days I’m enjoying peace and quiet by minding my own business – literally. I get on fewer people’s nerves and even fewer people get on my nerves.

I love and enjoy the exquisite agony of watching my favourite team, Arsenal blunder their way into defeat. I also do love writing, reading, listening to music and just goofing around. Above all else, I love being an unapologetic non-conformist.

And so whilst welcoming you to my little piece of internet real estate, let me warn you that here you must expect the unexpected. As you browse these pages filled with my personal brand of nonsense, always keep in mind that there are no untouchables here, there are few taboos and no human who needs to shit and wipe his (or her) arse is beyond criticism, condemnation or contempt.

Thanks for stopping by.