Many people have asked me to “moderate” comments on this site. That is to say that I should edit and cut out some of the crap – and there is a lot of that here. Those calling for moderation say some of the comments are too offensive and insulting, they damage the country’s reputation abroad and are too provocative (and could spark some strife).

I agree that some of the comments are hard to read. But I am not prepared to make it a part of my job to pore over every comment, deleting the ones I don’t like and keeping the ones I do. First, only a mad fool will read an article here and feel so incited as to go pick a machete to chop off limbs. Secondly, I see nothing wrong with us washing our dirty linen in public. Every country has an image problem – one way or another. And thirdly, in a free society, I believe it’s fair game to trade in harsh words that do not necessarily boost our self-image and egos. Just be ready to take as much as you give.
So I’m not going to “moderate” the comments. Everything goes… well, almost!
I don’t want to be hauled before court for unsubstantiated allegations that do not come from my mouth. Comments that impute criminal conduct to other people will, therefore, be deleted. I’d rather go to court and defend allegations I have made than look stupid in front of a judge for publishing allegations made by someone I may not even know.
Plus, an extra feature just added to the site – and I’m very excited about this – is one which makes it possible for me to respond to every comment.

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