I read all your comments on my site. The webmaster is trying to incorporate a system that makes it possible for me to respond to comments as they are posted. Until then, I decided to just respond to a few below… my responses are in italics.

“Ato, there is a Global Alliance for Africa” – Ama
Of course, there is. I found one but it didn’t seem to be the one the president mentioned in the ‘Graphic’ publication. The one offering the president a job is an Italian organisation called ‘Alliance for Africa’. Global Alliance for Africa is based in Chicago. Is there a Chicago in Italy? Or there is an Italy in Chicago?
“That is a very ingenious and well thought of article and I tend to agree with you on most of your assertions, however he is not only selling himself but the image of Ghana as well.” – Eric Amankwah
We elected him to sell our country – not himself. But I guess it’s one of the perks of the job and that should explain why Arthur Kennedy also wanted the job of president.
“Well written. But you forgot to mention about his numerous entourage he travelled with. Some of them have become so rich beyond imagination. God help us all!” – Kofi
That’s a completely different story. I can’t tell it without sounding jealous.
“I enjoy your articles keep up the good work. Who knows? With the president travelling [Ghanaians] abroad will get cheaper tickets to come home.”  – Millicent
Good for you, Millicent! Blessed are those whose leaders travel more often than they should… for they shall receive discounts on their airfares.
“So tell me … Ato.. .what do you expect JAK to do… refuse the awards? What would you have done differently if you were in his shoes mate?” – Notse
I didn’t say he should refuse the awards. If I were in his shoes, I will travel abroad less and visit the countryside more. I would definitely have been in Bawku by now.
“Not at all amused by this display of infantile cynicism and ignorance… And do you think travelling to the North to mediate a tribal war is an efficient use of his time? Where were the MPs, Police chief and interior minister when the north was ablaze? People get serious.”  – The Truth
If the president can’t make any difference when a part of his country is being set ablaze – and you expect the job to be done by MPs, Police chiefs etc. – what makes you think that his going to a place like Kenya helped resolve the crisis there? I suppose you are one of the president’s advisors. Great job. Next time, be bold and use your real name.
“Ato, good to speak courageously but be careful not to pontificate yourself. Many have already told you that your writing is mere speculation and sometimes exaggerations. At time you over simply things to the neglect of logic and reality. And the other day you seemed to be crying that some "big men/women" were threatening you. I beg to say that your way of doing things shows you as a weak mind wanting cheap popularity. You keep mentioning names like Kwaku Baaku being praise singers and always attacking JJ. For God’s seek do you remember the last time you attacked the other side?  But day in day out you write about the Presidents travel. Apply the formula in your article to yourself. If the President has travelled 140 times, how many articles have you published? And may I asked do you envy the President’s per diem? Go to Afari Djan for a presidential contest form. Period. Characters like yourself will do worst things if you had the chance.” – Ojingo
First, I have never mentioned Kwaku Baako as a praise singer… I don’t know how this got into your head. Second, am I seeking cheap popularity? I didn’t know that but if that’s what you think, I will not contest. Third, do I envy the president’s per diem? Of course, I do! Who wouldn’t be jealous? Travel for free and get paid? Yes! I am jealous, Ojingo. Aren’t you?
“Seriously, Ato this is a foolish article aimed at creating disaffection for Kufour. You are only looking for cheap popularity. Only unsound people will sing your praise. Be fair and sound in your reasoning. A Nigerian minister once said “because of democracy, a lot of people are talking nonsense”. Ato you undoubtedly fall within this class. Only you and your ilk will think this way in this day of interdependence in world affairs.” – Ebo
What can I say, Ebo? It’s good that you remember what the Nigerian Minister said.  
“I think Ato should be reasonable enough and stop talking stupidly or talking nonsense. I don’t know why some people are so foolish and anything can just come out of their stinking mouths. Fool.” – Christina
Thanks for reminding me to brush my teeth every morning, Christina!
“Ato, much as I agree with you in principle about the Presidents travels, I also believe that your language about the President is uncouth! You may be fearless, but stick to issues and don’t disrespect. As you disrespect, so shall you be disrespected!”
Don’t forget, I am “Ghana’s most Irreverent”. It’s my only claim to fame and I wear it with great pride. In a democracy, I think, it’s alright to be disrespectful. That’s why so many people call George Bush “dumb”.

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