The verdict is unanimous. From my count, most of those who visit this site are in no mood to welcome any “guest bloggers”. Last Monday, I introduced one of such guests and few thought it was a brilliant idea. Most others thought it was nothing but a stupid move. So far, only two people have shown interest in being guest bloggers and they’ve sent me articles. Sadly, I can’t publish them because that’s not what visitors to this site want.

Quite a good number of the comments to the first guest blogger article indicated that the idea doesn’t sit well with visitors.
“Publishing article from (other) people will not help you,” Dela-Fills wrote.
“I love your articles because they are not usually one sided,” Lina says. “If you decide to publish such articles some of us will lose interest.”
I’ve received several other emails expressing similar sentiments.
As I am a confirmed populist, I have decided to go with the overwhelming popular opinion and trash the guest blogger idea.
The idea is not bad in itself.
I thought about it for a while and discussed with few in my ‘inner sanctum’. But none of us imagined that it would be so overwhelmingly rejected. I’ve considered all the pros and cons and I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t lose much if it’s completely abandoned. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do – in a sudden burst of populist fervour.
Thanks to all who helped me come to this decision.

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