This internet thing can be very annoying. A couple of days ago, the site went offline. I called up the developer and told him about it. Shortly, thereafter he called and told me the site was back on. But then I couldn’t get into what they call the ‘backend’ – that is where articles are updated etc.

I was devastated. Some files had been corrupted as the engineers tried to move the site onto a new server. I am no geek and I don’t understand much of what they were talking about.  I didn’t even know they had plans of moving the site onto a new server.

What I know though is that whatever they did (or didn’t do) took away some of the site’s content – everything that had been loaded from September 18 disappeared. Thankfully, the engineers got to work immediately but it took them quite a while to get almost everything else back to normal. Unfortunately, though, most of your comments – which I really love to read – are gone. That saddens me a great deal because I was planning on responding to some of them. I hope to God it doesn’t happen again. From what I experienced this week, I’m sure that if this problem occurs again, I will die from a bleeding ulcer.


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