With my internet connection down, I couldn’t participate in the live chat on the debate. But my friends carried on and they had a good time. I am very impressed, guys and gals.

Nehemiah: hello
Nehemiah: are you logged on yet
Nehemiah: ?
Yayra: hitrying to but the sound ain’t loading
Yayra: still trying though
Nehemiah: ok
Nehemiah: keep on tryin
Yayra: sure
Nehemiah: Welcome daisy
Daisy: thanks
Daisy: so are we doing both yahoo and msn?
Yayra: hi Daisy..welcome
Nehemiah: what do think about the first half
Nehemiah: lets stick to yahoo
Daisy: cool
Daisy: thanks Yaw
Daisy: hello every one
Nehemiah: its Yayra from Hanover
Daisy: sorry Yayra 🙂
Yayra: thanks Nehemiah
Daisy: thanks
Nehemiah: so Daisy since , you tuned in earliier, can you give us a brief
Nehemiah: of the first round
Nehemiah: Daisy , yayra is having problems with her sound
Daisy: ok
Daisy: i do have problems with my sound too
Daisy: but i guess i can manage without it
Nehemiah: ok
Daisy: i am trying to listen from joy
Nehemiah: ok
Daisy: i can listen now from joy
Nehemiah: we dnt have choices
Daisy: yeah, it loks like it
Daisy: are u listening?
Nehemiah: yes am listening
Nehemiah: with no problems
Daisy: it looks like Nana is serious today
Nehemiah: yep
Nehemiah: he know we want to hear the how and not the whats
Nehemiah: so this time he has to be practical
Daisy: haha!
Daisy: Ndoum is at it again
Nehemiah: lol
Daisy: Ndoum means business
Nehemiah: serious…its quite unfortunate he wont win
Daisy: yes, i think so too
Nehemiah: maybe , he will be the kingmaker
Daisy: but i think there will be a massive improvement in his vots
Nehemiah: yep
Nehemiah: he looks like he will gets lots of votes
Daisy: yes
Nehemiah: he has done his homework
Daisy: i believe so
Nehemiah: Welcome Godwin
Godwin: thanks
Daisy: welcome Godwin
Godwin: thanks
Godwin: i guess i am very late
Nehemiah: u just missed the first round
Godwin: i hope i don’t miss the time and road to heaven
Nehemiah: lol…hahaha. i pray you dont
Daisy: Mills is beating about the bush
Nehemiah: Mahama is such a…….lips sealed but he speaks the truth
Daisy: well…
Nehemiah: Free range paaa
Godwin: so Nduom wants to tie waste disposal to appointment of DCEs?
Daisy: i think thats not so bad
Nehemiah: am surprised by that comment
Daisy: why
Godwin: what if the DCEs do an excellent job yet renege on that duty?
Nehemiah: think about it , the issues that affects people in their districts go way beyond waste disposal
Godwin: Mills is right abiut supervision
Daisy: but waste dispossal affects health
Nehemiah: Mills is spot on, on this one
Daisy: and health affects productivity
Nehemiah: Daisy it truly does
Godwin: yep
Godwin: hey guys where are the rest?
Nehemiah: hmmm..Ato thought we should try msn and i guess , it didnt work out and the time too was changed
Nehemiah: so ppl are late primarily
Godwin: so he is not taking part? …Lamisi?
Nehemiah: Lamisi isnt online and i can get Ato
Godwin: ok
Nehemiah: i hope they show up though
Daisy: i hope so too
Daisy: but i guess we can do a good job 🙂
Nehemiah: yep
Daisy: Mills is aggressive today
Godwin: 20,00 sanitary inspectors is the only new idea Nana has talked about
Daisy: i like that
Daisy: he should have done that the last time
Godwin: he just summarized what the rest said about decentralization and supervision
Daisy: well, that’s really disappointing
Nehemiah: he is a lawyer remember
Godwin: so lawyers summarize?
Godwin: Mills is very aggressive today
Daisy: lol
Godwin: talking about opening up the country and investment
Nehemiah: open up in which way?
Daisy: well he’s got less than a month to prove himself. its now or never
Godwin: sure
Daisy: what does he want to open up?
Godwin: Mahama is just creating some commic relief
Nehemiah: hahahahaha
Nehemiah: he said the 3 party has 60 yrs between them
Nehemiah: parties*
Godwin: he is right, but his ideas are too static
Nehemiah: he is making up the number
Godwin: lol
Daisy: i think Mahama is not real
Daisy: he brings nothing to the table
Godwin: obviously he is not
Daisy: those ideas he’s proposing, my little niece who is 6 will propose the same
Godwin: what do you think about Nana’s Northern development pla and fund for the North?
Nehemiah: he’s been at the whole time without any dynamism
Nehemiah: well NDC has a similar plan
Nehemiah: called the SAHARA plan or something
Godwin: Nana says he wants to do that by the end of his first term
Godwin: someone should tell Nana to speak simple English
Nehemiah: i think if , if it can be implemented, would reduce urban migration and develop more human resource
Godwin: i think you make a good point
Nehemiah: Nana is always verbose ..Lord!
Godwin: That is not good
Godwin: it makes him appear as elitist and out og touch with the ordinary Ghanaian
Nehemiah: yes…thats true
Nehemiah: Nduom is throwing punches
Godwin: he talked about peace, which is tied to development
Godwin: i think that is a good way to looking at the issue, even though i expected him to go beyond that
Daisy: Mahama plans to use Tema as a classical case to town planning
Godwin: that is an excellent idea
Daisy: i think so too
Godwin: Tema is the most well-planned city in Ghana
Daisy: yes
Nehemiah: yeah ….he is selling his idea
Nehemiah: which is good
Godwin: credit to Nkrumah
Godwin: i think Mahama spoke very well on this subject
Nehemiah: yes he did
Godwin: Nana on made-in-Ghana goods
Godwin: he wants us to use local materials for building houses
Nehemiah: does he wear local fabrics?
Daisy: he doesnt
Godwin: good question
Daisy: Ndoum has the right to say that
Godwin: that is rhetoric
Nehemiah: Nduom is armed and dangerous
Godwin: lol
Daisy: that guy is deadly,no one messes with him
Daisy: lol
Godwin: Nduom is very intelligent
Nehemiah: true
Godwin: he knows how to synthesize his ideas
Daisy: mills on traffic
Daisy: Mills wants to train more planners
Daisy: is he saying KNUST is not training its planners well
Nehemiah: hmmm
Nehemiah: true or false?
Godwin: he is also talking about enforcement of laws
Daisy: i think the fact is that there is no check on these public offices
Godwin: he says he will get in touch with KNUST to train more physical planners
Daisy: ok, i did not get that
Nehemiah: would they end up doing the jobs
Godwin: u mean the planners?
Daisy: they dont get the jobs
Daisy: they all end up in the banks
Godwin: u r right
Godwin: that is what pays
Nehemiah: because trained agric engineers from KNUST end up selling rather than developing agric
Godwin: we need to make other areas attractive
Godwin: Nduom is just smart
Nehemiah: yep
Godwin: did u hear his answer on affordable housing?
Nehemiah: yes i did..dealing with figures doesnt make sense
Godwin: it has to be done based on the living standards of the people
Nehemiah: 20000GHC how many ppl can afford that
Godwin: sure
Nehemiah: Dim wit ..dont start
Godwin: who?
Nehemiah: Nana
Godwin: why?
Nehemiah: he is asking if , he should start
Daisy: only he and his friends can afford it
Nehemiah: yep…its all in their world
Godwin: he is making a lot of sense on the question of science and technology
Godwin: Nduom wants to bring back ministry of science and technology
Daisy: thanks
Nehemiah: its crucial to our development
Godwin: Nduom wants to apply technology to the work of government
Nehemiah: ndoum is keeping abreast with this fast ever changing world
Godwin: Mills wants to encourage learning of science at the SSS level, give scholarhsip to students and teachers
Daisy: he’s smart
Godwin: he wants to give 2% per cent of the getfund to science and technology in the country
Nehemiah: Atta Mills is king of Education..this is interesting
Godwin: sure
Nehemiah: the Science and Technology Parks in Egypt and Malaysia is something else
Nehemiah: Mahama…more comic relief
Godwin: sure
Godwin: he is talking about fufu pounding machine
Godwin: is he talking about Christo Asafo?
Godwin: i don’t want to hear that idea
Nehemiah: hahahahaha
Godwin: seriously, it’s a joke
Nehemiah: Godwin..u should drive a made in Ghana car
Godwin: what is the life span?
Godwin: tweaaaaaaaa
Nehemiah: lol
Godwin: end of second session
Godwin: what d you guys think?
Daisy: I will buy one of those cars 🙂
Godwin: be afraid for ur life
Nehemiah: Daisy …you are a proud Ghanaian
Daisy: I am impressed with the level of seriousness this time round
Daisy: you could feel the guys fighting for their lives
Daisy: 🙂
Nehemiah: i think so far Ndoum and Mills havent done bad especially on education,science and technology
Nehemiah: but Nana and Mahama havent done bad too
Daisy: yes
Daisy: true
Nehemiah: they know , they need to impress
Daisy: haha!!!
Godwin: Nduom, Mills, Nana, Mahama
Nehemiah: i think they all have brillant ideas ..this is where a question of national development plan comes in
Nehemiah: yeah same for me Nduom,Mills Nana and Mahama
Daisy: i am impressed
Godwin: good
Godwin: the quality has been very high today
Godwin: if only………..
Daisy: i guess so
Nehemiah: lets see how it ends
Godwin: so one more round, right?
Nehemiah: yep
Godwin: ok
Godwin: one area these guys need to improve, though is to flesh out their own ideas, than to wait and just add on to the others
Godwin: unless of course they are telling us that they have no differences
Godwin: round three
Nehemiah: yep
Godwin: who is Nana’s audience?
Daisy: Ndoum says we are in a hurry to spend our oil money
Nehemiah: hhahahaha..i wonder
Godwin: he is making a good point about corporate social responsibility, but the language is too lofty
Nehemiah: yeah..
Nehemiah: Nduom is has a good point
Godwin: sure, but he should cease talking too much
Nehemiah: EPA has been non-existent
Godwin: i told him yesterday that he needs to make it snappy
Godwin: EPA is dead
Godwin: Mills should tell us what he will do
Godwin: he is only asking rhetorical questions
Godwin: all he is talkking about enforcement of laws

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