Enough is enough!

That’s what the ruling NDC should be telling its supporters who have been on the rampage for well over a year, demanding what they believe they are entitled to.

They have seized toilets and lorry parks, chased public servants out of their offices, forcefully taken over jobs that have not been assigned them and now they are threatening to kill or maim DCEs they perceive to be underperforming?

They have every motivation to do their worst.

Their leaders – and, sadly, the leaders of our nation – looked on unconcerned as they went on an orgy of seizures from the beginning of last year, claiming it is their time to run the show and enjoy.

When these hoodlums started seizing toilets, we expected the president – or at the very least, the leadership of the ruling party – to say or do ‘something’ to ensure that sanity, law and order prevailed. But no one cared – or so it seemed – and NDC hooligans were allowed to have their way.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost and the situation is almost out of hand. Now, they are actually threatening to kill if they do not have their way. After harassing people from other parties, they are now turning on their fellow party members – locking up party executives and threatening to kill the DCE for Yendi.

It’s the era of threats, it seems. One ‘wise’ chief threatens to kidnap another. His subjects threaten to kill journalists who spoke out against his threats.

No one gets arrested. No one gets punished.

Now NDC bandits are also threatening to kill DCEs and other public servants from within their ranks who they perceive to be incompetently working against the party’s interests. A minister tells them they have no right to be issuing threats and they turn around to threaten the minister with death.

No one has been arrested. No has been punished.

Police say their hands are tied. Indeed they are. Which police officer will arrest an NDC hoodlum for issuing threats and disturbing the peace? Definitely not the one who badly wants to stay in his job. Not even the IGP will dare.

So, no one will be arrested and no one will be punished.

The situation is not going to end anytime soon – until someone, probably the president, issues a strongly worded statement, condemning this dangerous wave of NDC banditry and urging the police to go out there and do their work.

It shouldn’t take death or some other awful disaster for our leaders to act.

It shouldn’t take another threat from a different quarter for national security to start pretending to be doing something, sending government officials scurrying like rats to potential trouble spots.

That would be too little, too late and it would yield very little.

Only the top leadership of the ruling party can end this madness and they can do so by telling their supporters that Ghana is not for them alone. We are all in this together – NDC, NPP, CPP and even ‘Nokofio’.

NDC being in power doesn’t mean that only NDC supporters should have all the good jobs and juicy contracts. The president must speak and call his supporters to order. That’s the least he can do. He should also tell his appointees (the so-called ‘big men’) to stop interfering with the work of the police. Officers must be empowered and allowed to go out there and arrest anyone who falls foul of the law without any fear of losing their jobs.

Within the next few weeks, some people should be arrested, prosecuted and jailed. It’s the only way to end this wave of NDC madness. If it doesn’t end soon and disaster strikes, we will all live to regret but much of that regret will be on the shoulders of the president and the leadership of the ruling party.


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