Hello Mr. IGP,

I am sure you’ve taken your salary for this month. I am also sure that you’ve been having a lot of fun riding in a luxury car my mother’s ‘bofrote’ taxes contributed to buying and fuelling for you. You must be having a good time.

But, being IGP is not about enjoyment, sir. It’s tough business. It’s about chasing criminals, arresting and jailing them. That’s what we pay you for.

I didn’t particularly like the gentleman you succeeded. He was all about ‘chopping’ his post and being friends with people like Issa Abass.

One day I was shocked when in response to a question, he asked some reporters if they expected him to go to the north to arrest those who were fomenting trouble in places like Bawku and Dagbon.

I thought you were going to be different. I think you can do better. But I am afraid, I am getting disappointed. I am not quite there yet but I am well on my way.

What is this I hear about you expressing concern about the increasing spate of advance-fee fraud in the country? I was quite concerned when I read the newspaper account of your concerns. Apparently, some smart idiots have cloned the website of the Ghana Police and are using it – and your name – for all sorts of criminal activities. It’s been going on for months and best you can do is express concern?

You are the IGP for Christ’s sake. We pay you to go after the criminals. Whatever holes they are hiding in, we expect you to smoke them out like the rats they are. Sitting on your behind in your office and expressing concern is not part of your job description.

Leave the expression of concern to ordinary people like me and my mother. That’s what we do best – often in despair. It’s quite annoying hearing that you – the one we pay to go after the criminals – are sitting in comfort in your office, expressing concern. If you can’t get your men to arrest the criminals who are abusing your name, position and the institution you head, how are you going to deal with those who rob, kill, maim, sell illegal weapons and break traffic regulations with impunity?

Merely express concern?

That’s not good enough.  That’s not what we expect of our Inspector General of Police. You can and you should do better than that. Your expression of concern doesn’t make me feel safe.


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