We, the rank and file of the Asante Students’ Union (ASU), National Secretariat, Manhyia, wish to register our utmost discontentment and fury about the gross and naked disrespect exhibited by Ato Kwamena Dadzie towards His Royal Majesty, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II and the people of Asanteman.

We read with shock and utter dismay the disparaging and unsavoury remarks made about his Royal Majesty, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II and the Asante Kingdom by Ato Kwamena Dadzie, a Joy FM presenter and clown, in an article captioned “Techiman vrs Asanteman: No one Wins.”

In the said article, Ato deliberately and rudely chastises Asantehene for a comment made by him (Otumfuor) about a fortnight ago. He (Ato) sought to erroneously create an impression that Asantehene’s comment was inciting and confrontational.

It is important to place on record that Otumfuor’s timely comments drew the attention of the National Security operatives and the government to the lawlessness that characterised the impasse between Techiman and Tuobodom and the unprofessional manner with which the Brong Ahafo Police Command handled the matter. Indeed the national security advisor, General Nunoo Mensah, upon follow up corroborated the position of the Asantehene when he indicated quite clearly that he had never been aware of the impasse between Tuobodom and Techiman until Nana Asantehene brought the matter to the attention and scrutiny of the public.

Regrettably, Ato in his said article, discourteously and childishly called for the apprehension of the Otumfuor for “causing fear and alarm.” It is instructive to state that nowhere in Asantehene’s statement did he overtly or covertly call for a war between Asantes and the people of Techiman. Ironically, Ato, who pontificates peace and claim to knowledge monopoly is apparently guilty of the same offence he accuses the Asantehene of (false alarm) and should rather be castrated. He states “there is war between Ashanti and Techiman.” When Asantehene, a true statesman, draws the attention of government and national security to the excesses and belligerence of Techimanhene (not the people of Techiman), the comedian, Ato, irrational interprets that to mean a declaration of war between Asantes and the people of Techiman. Now, who is causing fear and alarm; the ignoramus Ato who categorically alludes to a nonexistent ongoing war between Asantes and Techiman or His Royal Majesty, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II?

We wish to further point out the factual and historical inaccuracies and contradictions in the said article of Ato. Ato Kwamena Dadzie either consciously or ignorantly refers to the Asantehene as chief. We wish to advise him to consult his grandfather for the proper and befitting designation of Asantehene.

He also questions why Otumfuor as he derogatorily puts it “jumps into a fray between the chiefs of two neighbouring towns”, implying that the Asantehene had no business whatsoever in matters between the two towns. We again ask the “sanctimonious” Ato to purge himself of this historical blunder by contacting his history master or lecturer, whichever is applicable. Contrary to the question he posed, he goes ahead to acknowledge the historical reality that Tuobodom is an Asante protectorate.

Oh! What a contradiction!

To further his unbridled contradictions and advertised ignorance, he referred to the actions and inactions of the security agencies as “lacking foresight and common sense” when he had earlier gone beyond bounds of reason to lampoon and castigate the very statesman who brought the issue out from under the carpet to the attention and prompt response of the security agencies. Ato must learn!

The impudence and insults of Ato reached its threatening height when he stubbornly compares Asantehene and Tony Aidoo and unfortunately calls the latter “a loose cannon.” This we find highly offensive and a denigration on Asanteman.

The calls on the government by the “holier than thou” Ato to sideline Asantes in the rebuilding of Ghana is not only repulsive but also a clear manifestation of a deeply seated hatred by Ato and his cohorts for Asanteman and the people of Asante. It also smacks of a premeditated anti-Asante agenda and a grand design that Ato and his cronies have avowed to perpetrate towards Asantes.

In view of the foregoing, we the rank and file of the Asante Students’ Union, National Secretariat, wish to state unequivocally that Ato Kwamena Dadzie must render an unqualified apology to the Asantehene and Asanteman for his loose and uncultured remarks. He must equally write to retract the said article with an equal measure of prominence.

Long live Asantehene!
Long live Asanteman!
Long live Ghana!

(National President, Asante Students’ Union)


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