I’ve heard a lot of things said about why I have been off air for about two weeks. I meet people on the street who say they have heard that I’ve been sacked or suspended. Right here on this blog, someone has tried to spread a rumour that there is legal case pending and JOY FM wants to save face by keeping me away from the studio.

None of the above is happening.

I am taking a month-long break just to recharge my ‘batteries’. I am taking it easy in my small corner, having some ‘me’ time. If I had money, I would have gone to chill on a beach in the Bahamas. But I don’t and so I am using the period to finalise work on a certain project, which will soon be made public.

So just to set the records straight, the NDC has not orchestrated my dismissal – JOY FM is not like the National Youth Employment Programme. Neither is it a public toilet for NDC hoodlums to violently take over. Thank God!

And as far as I know, I have also not been served with any legal summons to go face anyone in court. How do people come up with that? Even if there was pending legal battle, I don’t think I will stop working to focus on that. So to friend and foe alike, I say I shall be back on air on November 9. Truth be told, I can’t wait!

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