It’s been well over three months since President Mills delivered his first sessional address to parliament. But that speech is very much the subject of conversation between many Ghanaians – most of whom are still laughing at the major slip of tongue that made him say “ecomini” instead of economy.

That slip is proving to be one of the most enduring presidential soundbites – ever!  
And now that some ingenious DJs have managed to remix the gaffe with Asem’s ‘Give me blow’ instrumental. The product is a ring-tone of about 35-second, which is fast becoming one of the most popular in the country today.
I have uploaded the remix in the audio section – just for your listening pleasure. Go on and have a good laugh. You can even download it and save it on your phone. It’s all in good fun.
I really feel sorry for those who think it’s not right for us to be making fun of the president’s gaffes. They don’t know what they are missing. In these tough times of ‘ecominic’ hardship, when it’s so hard to come by some ‘orpepepeepeee’, it’s almost suicidal to refuse to laugh when you get an opportunity to do so.

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