This morning, I presented a petition to the Constitutional Review Commission asking for the abolishing of ex-gratia payments to politicians. It was a pretty short ceremony that took place at the entrance of the Commission’s offices at Cantonment. Commission chair, Prof. Albert Fiadjoe, received the petition in the presence of the Executive Secretary, Raymond Atuguba and a few media friends of mine.

It was the culmination of weeks of signature campaign to kick against what I consider to be one of the most senseless provisions in the 1992 Constitution.

I want to thank all those who signed the petition – both the paper and online versions – for contributing to a worthy cause.

On behalf of all those who signed the petition, I also wish to convey my gratitude to Prof. Fiadjoe and his staff for taking in our submission even though it was submitted out of time.

To those who so badly wanted to sign but couldn’t do so for various reasons, all is not lost. There is yet another opportunity to stand up for what is right and join the crusade to get ex-gratia scrapped.

The CRC is taking submissions by text. Look out for the announcements and send in your messages against ex-gratia.

Under the text-messaging phase, you can also vote for or against the most popular amendment proposals Ghanaians have made towards the Constitution review exercise. This seems like a very innovative use of a simple technology towards a very important national exercise and, as I told the commission chairman today, I hope at the end of it all we would all have contributed to fashioning out a workable, sensible and fair constitution for our dear country. So let’s get texting.

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