It may be sheer incompetence. Or there might be a conspiracy most of us are unaware of. Either way, someone is not doing what he or she gets paid to do well. And that’s why we see people like Charles Wireko-Brobby and his uncle, Kwadwo Mpiani, smiling where they should be wailing.

Those two men squandered our scarce resources in the name of an independence celebration and they ought to be punished for that.

We didn’t need to waste more money and time for a commission of enquiry to tell us what we already knew about how they wasted our money. But that’s what the government did. That commission made it clear that the Wireko-Brobby and Mpiani have some pretty tough questions to answer.

Who should ask those questions and where?

Most of us thought a court of law would do. But the judge to whom the case was taken says he doesn’t have jurisdiction to hear it. It is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo my mind cannot comprehend.

What is clear, however, is that the prosecutors have been dealt a technical knockout, which has jeopardized what should have been a pretty clean-cut case even a first-year prosecutor shouldn’t lose. It is disheartening.

We need answers. We can’t allow the two men to go scot-free on a legal technicality. However, as things stand now, and with the unequivocal judgment delivered yesterday, it seems it will take a miracle for Wireko-Brobby and Mpiani to get their just reward. And that’s heart wrenching.

If state prosecutors cannot get people like Wireko-Brobbey and Mpiani punished for squandering our money, one is left wondering… who else? And all this is happening when we have a law professor as president? I think those raising doubts about the competence of the Attorney General should also be questioning her boss.

As for the NDC hacks like Kofi Adams, who think that some people in the Attorney General’s office have been sabotaging cases against former government officials, someone should kindly tell them to shut the hell up.

I am sure when the likes of Daniel Abodakpi and Victor Selormey were being prosecuted for causing financial loss to the state, there were officials in the AG’s office who were sympathetic to the NDC. Yet they didn’t bungle any case to bring embarrassment to the Kufuor administration. In any case, we cannot run a country where when one party comes into power all public servants who are perceived to belong to the other party must be pushed aside.

If there is any conspiracy (or sabotage), it seems to me that a bunch of politicians are putting up a charade, shielding each other by bungling up cases like this with the most elementary mistakes. It might be a case of you ‘chopped’ illegally yesterday and I’m doing everything not to get you punished but as I ‘chop’ now, I hope that you return the favour tomorrow. Now, this scenario may be a bit far-fetched. But it’s more probable than the one Kofi Adams is painting to us.

Whatever the case may be, something is awfully wrong somewhere. There are only two people who can tell us what that ‘something’ is and how it can be dealt with – the president (the law professor) and his chief legal advisor! Between the two of them, this premature discharge which has put smiles on the faces Wireko-Brobby and Mpiani must be reversed.

But they should not under any circumstance manipulate the system to achieve a political objective. That’s what Kufuor did against Tsikata. No need to repeat that.

I would like to see Mpiani and Wireko-Brobby punished on the law and without any political colourations. What is most important is for the government, especially the attorney general and the president, to make sure that these unpardonably petty legal mistakes are never repeated. They do not auger well for the rule of law.


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