I believe Kofi Wayo is a true patriot. I don’t know many politicians who care about this country as much as he does. He’s a bit eccentric in his ways but you can’t do what he does without being a bit of a maverick.

This country needs people like Kofi Wayo – brash, abrasive, straight-shooters who speak the truth, say what they mean and mean what they say without giving a damn about what people think of them.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me when I heard that Kofi Wayo had characterized our parliament as full of “criminals”. I wholly agreed with him. The response of some of the MPs didn’t come to me as a surprise either. It was wholly expected.

The MPs feel they can sit in the chamber and use their immunity to say all sorts of crap against everyone else in this country. But they are so averse to criticism that anytime anyone says something overly uncomplimentary about them, they run crying to their privileges committee, whining and sulking about a perceived denigration of the integrity of parliament.

That’s exactly what they did when Kofi Wayo called them “criminals”.

I have spoken to Mr. Wayo and he seemed quite delighted with the news that he was going to be hauled before the privileges committee.

“I am ready to face them,” he said.

He also said on radio that he has evidence to prove that a significant number of our lawmakers also shameless law-breakers.

Shortly after his radio interview, the MPs met and decided, according to majority leader, Cletus Avoka, that summoning him before the privileges committee will only make him a hero.

“It has been the habit of Mr. Kofi Way all these years to malign institutions, those who head those institutions and functionaries of government,” Avoka said. “We will be making him a hero out of nothing if he is hauled before the privileges committee.”

That position is surprising but perfectly understandable.

It’s surprising in the sense that a group of egocentric politicians who care so much about safeguarding the reputation of parliament (which is nothing to be proud of, really) will fail to take up such a perfect opportunity to – once again – teach us all a lesson that it doesn’t pay to insult MPs. They recently did it to the director general of GBC, William Ampem-Darko, so why not Kofi Wayo?

The reason is not too difficult to fathom.

Some of the MPs are scared. Some of them will be pissing in their pants if Kofi Wayo is compelled to appear before ANY committee of the house. He would heap all the bountiful insults they deserve on them, question their legitimacy, challenge their level of thinking and ultimately prove that a good number of them are the criminals he believes they are.

That surely would make Kofi Wayo a hero.

Our MPs hardly take sensible decisions in the national interest. But let’s not take it from them – they sure know how to take sensible decisions to protect their parochial interests. Hauling Kofi Wayo to the privileges committee will not be in their interest.

In their attempt, not to make Kofi Wayo a hero, the MPs have paradoxically crowned him as such. By failing to follow through with their threat to haul him before the privileges committee, they have made it clear to us that, indeed, there are a lot of criminals in our parliament.


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