At the end of my ‘Newspaper Review’ programme on Friday morning, Israel Laryea walks up to me with a gleam in his eyes and a question on his mind.

“In the MV Benjamin case, who was known as the ‘Limping Man’?” he asks – as if I am some sort of an expert in the mysterious disappearance of 77 parcels of cocaine from the vessel.
I go into the deeper recesses of my brain, which has not been fully awakened for the day and somehow manage to come up with an answer.
“I think he’s the Sheriff guy.”
“Ahh…” Israel says. “I hear he has been arrested – in Achimota. Someone called to tell me.”
“Really? That’s some news,” I say.
“Who do I call to verify?” the CNN African radio journalists of the year asks again.
My answer: “Kofi Boakye”

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