BK Oduro, our dearly beloved presidential candidate, wishes to acknowledge the numerous enquiries to his office about who is running mate could be.

BK believes that this is yet another indication that ours is the fastest growing political grouping in the country today.

Besides, members and well-wishers enquiring about who the running mate could be, BK has also received a large number of applications from many successful men and women who want to be his running mate. These include a kenkey seller from Teshie Nungua and a coffin-maker in Ada.

BK assures you that he has been thinking very deeply about this all-important decision and as a result he hardly goes to bed without his smokeless pipe in his mouth. You will be duly informed when a decision is made and you can be certain that it won’t be as incredulous as Dr. Anane’s decision to "do it" without adequate protection.

Noko Fio – Changing things, To move forward so that we can all chop small, small.

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