We launched a competition a few weeks ago asking you to predict where next JAK would travel to.
You were imaginative with your responses, which came in thick and fast. Some of you said he would be going to outer space – a place called Atlantis. Others mentioned that he might try out his luck in hellish places like Somalia and Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, you were all wrong.
On Saturday, JAK jumped on a plane(I was misinformed initially that it was the flying coffin he used) for a trip to Liberia. Most of you thought he would be going to some far off land and no one got it right. I wonder why?
Perhaps, JAK read through your predictions and decided to "swerve" you all. So no one won the lucrative prize: that rare opportunity to be at the airport to wave JAK ‘good bye’. I guess you can never win against JAK. The competition is closed.

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