It’s been a while since I sat down to write. I’ve been quite busy sorting a few personal issues out. But through it all, I’ve also been enjoying the World Cup and making the world realize how much of a lousy ‘pundit’ I am.
So, now it’s official. Football punditry is not my forte.

Once again, the Black Stars have ensured that I’m being stuffed with sufficient humble pie to last me well into the next World Cup.

At the start of the World Cup in South Africa, I said they wouldn’t make it past the group stages and now they are in the quarter finals. They proved me wrong – for the umpteenth time.

Their last two matches at the tournament have been nothing short of spectacular. Against Germany, they played one of the best games I’ve seen of the national football team play since 1992. As I predicted, they couldn’t beat Germany. But they won my respect on the day.

That’s why I wasn’t so surprised that they beat the United to reach the quarter final stage.

And so now, I give up. I won’t make predictions against the Black Stars again. I can only wish the Black Stars well. They should be able to go as far as good luck and team work can take them at the World Cup.

I have a feeling that’s nowhere near the cup. But that’s not for me to say. Whatever happens, the Black Stars have made themselves proud and they deserve every bit of the adulation that awaits their return to Accra.

And people like me, who doubted them, well… we must to be pelted – not just fed – with all the humble pies we deserve.

For now, I quit. Seriously!

I am not going to make public predictions again. Even if I get an epiphany and it indicates a result that’s going to go against the Black Stars, I’d keep it to myself. I’ve had one humble pie too many and I’m fed up!


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