This weekend, I hope the NDC delivers a strong message to Jerry Rawlings and his wife that the nation has had enough of their shameless clamour for power. The occasion would be the special delegates’ congress of the party at which they will choose the one who would lead them to electoral battle in 2012.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has put up an animated campaign to snatch the leadership of the party from President John Atta Mills. It’s hard to tell what either candidate has been campaigning on. Beyond mere sloganeering both candidates have failed to spell out any clear vision or policies. All we hear from Nana Konadu is “be bold” and Atta Mills has been busy boring our ears with “better Ghana agenda” – whatever that means!

But that’s alright. Considering that this is just an intra-party contest and the delegates do not seem to be that interested in policies and visions, both candidates can be forgiven for running a campaign of mere slogans.

As they gather in Sunyani, the delegates should be more concerned with what happens to their party after the congress. As is typical of the NDC, we should expect blows and slaps to be delivered freely and received grudgingly and after that, most probably, some people might be so angry and embittered that they might want to break away from the party. Very likely, it would be people from Nana Konadu’s camp – Rawlings and his supporters who want their party back from the slow-but-sure clutches of Atta Mills.

I know my word doesn’t mean much to the NDC delegates. But I am still going to tell them that if they want their party to make any strong attempt at retaining power, they shouldn’t vote for Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

Clearly, she has nothing to offer. What the heck is “be bold”? To make matters worse, her motives for running are not entirely kosher. They are merely parochial, borne out of a desperate desire to be in charge. She just wants to come back to power with her husband so that the two of them to loot our coffers some more and make more friends to help them take care of the grand children they have started having.

Nana Konadu also carries behind her a baggage called Rawlings; a baggage that the sensible electorate, those in the middle ground who want nothing but the best for this country, are more than happy to keep on the mad fringes of Ghanaian politics.

A vote for Mrs. Rawlings will be a vote for a ‘Mother-fonkar’ who should not be allowed anywhere near the presidency. The task of retaining the NDC in power is already an enormous challenge for the party with Atta Mills’ floundering all over the place but it’s going to be near impossible with this ‘Mother-fonkar’.

If the 3000 NDC delegates gathering in Sunyani know what is good for them and their party, they will reject ‘Mother-fonkar’ and tell Atta Mills to sit up and stop plodding along like a an amputee tortoise.


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