Yesterday, I had a lot of fun talking about one of my favourite subjects – the toilet. How we do it. Where we do it and when we do it. It was World Toilet Day, in case you didn’t know and I had every opportunity to let ‘everything’ out. I also did a little ‘squat’ in genuine respect for all those who don’t have toilet facilities and are forced to use public toilets as well those who ‘free range’ or ‘tie-and-throw.’

I joined some friends to discuss our toilet experiences on ‘Drive Time’ on Joy FM. I spoke about how in Essikado I had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the KVIP. I also touched on why ‘Graphic’ is a better substitute for t-roll and how a trip from Kumasi took longer than usual because my colleagues kept asking the bus driver to stop so they could dash into the bush to do their own thing.

Sammy Darko spoke about how he had to travel from Mamprobi to Dansoman every morning to do it.
Israel Laryea was kind enough give some useful tips on how regular users of public toilets could avoid diseases. He says it is better cover the seat of the WC with a lot of t-roll before sitting to ‘download’. Obviously, he has never been in the sort of public toilet I am used to.

DJ Black spoke about how he was once so hard-pressed that he had to dash into a house in Begoro to beg to be allowed to use the toilet. Instead of just showing him the door to the loo, the old woman he met wanted to engage in idle chatter.

“So where are you coming from gentleman,” the old woman asked. He screamed and the old woman got the message.

After he had concluded the ‘small room’ enterprise, DJ Black was more than willing to pour his heart out to the old woman.

So that’s how I celebrated World Toilet Day. I had fun. But I still want to hear more tales from the loo. Do you care to share yours?

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