I love Lucky Dube. For me, he’s the best reggae musician of all time and I have every song he ever sung on my ipod. I was sitting and thinking last night and these lyrics came to mind and put everything in perspective for me. Thanks, Lucky. >>>

She got outside one morning
To see what’s going on
‘Cos she heard all the noises
In the night,
It’s a celebration

Even though she was old and grey
It didn’t mean she was deaf and dumb
She took one look at the man
Throws her hands in the air
And said God help us all
Too much power in one man’s hands
Is dangerous

She has never tasted freedom
And all the things
We take for granted
Then she looked at me and said
Son, is this the end of our suffering?

Is this freedom?
Is this freedom?

We have just witnessed
The change of power
From one fool, one liar to another
Our lives are on the line again

She had lived through the wars
She didn’t wanna go through it all again
Oh God

She has seen injustice
She has seen corruption
She has seen racism
Any other kind of suffering
You can think about
Oh God

Then she said to me
Son, Is this the end of suffering?

Is this freedom?
Is this freedom?

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