As the candidates debated the issues, I had a chat about it with my friends – Nehemiah (in Lagos), Lamisi (in Accra), Raymond (in Kumasi), Yayra (in Hanover), Godwin (in Michigan) Ben (somewhere in the US), and Kwame (also somewhere in the US). The timestamps are GMT+1, since Nehemiah was the one who saved this conversation. If this doesn’t sound like crap to you, you may read on… and enjoy!

ATO: (7:26:01 PM): Joy is about to start broadcast
NEHEMIAH: (7:26:02 PM): Hi ,Kwame
RAYMOND: (7:26:07 PM): nothing like a Bud huh
KWADWO: (7:26:13 PM): yeap
ATO: (7:26:21 PM): Kwame, cud u tell us about u?
NEHEMIAH (7:26:34 PM): Kwodwo choose a colour for your font
RAYMOND: (7:26:43 PM): ok
NEHEMIAH (7:26:46 PM): Kwame please do same
RAYMOND (7:26:50 PM): 4 more minutes
ATO (7:26:56 PM): Yeah
RAYMOND (7:27:49 PM): Tell Matilda  that  my friend Blofo Correct wants some English tutorials
NEHEMIAH (7:28:05 PM): hahahahahaha
ATO (7:28:14 PM): Hahahahaha
NEHEMIAH (7:28:30 PM): the Game is on …ppl
ATO (7:28:51 PM): Nehemiah, I’d like u to keep the text for this chat
RAYMONG (7:28:53 PM): yeah
NEHEMIAH (7:29:04 PM): Ato, will do that
RAYMOND (7:29:21 PM): as long as i dont go offine
RAYMOND (7:29:30 PM): i will send you the chat log from meebo
NEHEMIAH (7:30:05 PM): both of us can do that..backup is always good
KWADWO (7:30:07 PM): i will be back in a few
NEHEMIAH (7:30:15 PM): not again Kwodwo
ATO (7:30:23 PM): Hahahahahaha
RAY (7:30:55 PM): try a Miller lite this time Kwodwo
RAY (7:31:02 PM): haha
ATO (7:31:09 PM): Hahahahaha
ATO (7:31:20 PM): Maybe Star!
NEHEMIAH (7:31:24 PM): ‘akowinsa fo wom’
NEHEMIAH (7:31:52 PM): Kwame , dont go silent on us
ATO (7:31:57 PM): Hahahahaha
RAYMOND (7:32:13 PM): I dont drink too
RAYMOND (7:32:21 PM): i just have a friend who collects beers
NEHEMIAH (7:32:21 PM): the graveyard experience isn’t expected
ATO (7:32:27 PM): Kwame is having some network issues
NEHEMIAH (7:32:32 PM): oh ok
RAYMOND (7:32:49 PM): oh Ghana
RAYMOND (7:32:57 PM): when will we get smooth sailing internet acces
RAYMOND (7:33:06 PM): hahahaha..Naija is burning Ghana
RAYMOND (7:33:22 PM): someone needs to ask about laying fiber optic cables from accra to the north
RAYMOND (7:34:06 PM): President Kuffuor was a good story teller
RAYMOND (7:34:28 PM): hmmm
ATO (7:34:36 PM): Hahahhaaha
NEHEMIAH (7:35:10 PM): na lie?
RAYMOND (7:35:24 PM): na true
ATO (7:35:29 PM): Yeah
RAYMOND (7:35:34 PM): i am now using two windows
ATO (7:35:50 PM): Just toget more money from vodafone
RAYMOND (7:36:03 PM): now  three
NEHEMIAH (7:36:07 PM): well….more kick back deals
KWAME (7:36:09 PM): got in
NEHEMIAH (7:36:24 PM): finally, Kwame..welcome
ATO (7:36:24 PM): Yeah
ATO (7:36:27 PM): Good
NEHEMIAH (7:36:31 PM): small intro
RAYMOND (7:36:32 PM): ok
RAYMOND (7:36:37 PM): we are all here
KWAME (7:36:37 PM): thanks people
ATO (7:36:38 PM): Welcome back Kwame
KWAME (7:36:49 PM): thanks Ato
KWADWO (7:37:27 PM): Cooba whats up?
ATO (7:37:44 PM): Welcome Yayra
YAYRA (7:37:57 PM): thank you
NEHEMIAH (7:37:57 PM): hi Yayra
YAYRA (7:38:04 PM): hi everybody
RAYMOND (7:38:08 PM): Ghana Man time as usual
RAYMOND (7:38:17 PM): hi yayra
RAYMOND (7:38:27 PM): hahahahaha
YAYRA (7:38:32 PM): no..just problems with my browser
NEHEMIAH (7:38:47 PM): are you using meebo?
YAYRA (7:39:03 PM): no yahoo im
NEHEMIAH (7:39:10 PM): ok
KWADWO (7:39:11 PM): welcome Kwame
RAYMOND(7:39:12 PM): i am now using a new chat window
RAYMOND (7:39:27 PM): how many invites did u send
ATO (7:39:48 PM): Ok
NEHEMIAH (7:40:01 PM): Yayra and Kwame…locations?
YAYRA(7:40:15 PM): i am in Indiana, USA
ATO (7:40:23 PM): We are going to get started in about 10mins
YAYRA (7:40:27 PM): sure
NEHEMIAH (7:40:28 PM): ok
KWAME (7:40:32 PM): great
KWAME (7:40:39 PM): any predictions people
NEHEMIAH (7:40:43 PM): kwame …location
NEHEMIAH (7:40:45 PM): ?
KWAME (7:40:46 PM): /
ATO (7:40:50 PM): Not yet
KWAME (7:40:54 PM): michigan…usa
NEHEMIAH (7:40:56 PM): ok
KWADWO (7:41:10 PM): of course Nana is a great orator so im sure it will translate
ATO (7:41:25 PM): Let’s start off with some basic introductions
ATO (7:41:44 PM): Yayra first
ATO (7:41:55 PM): Tell us about you
YAYRA (7:42:03 PM): My name is Yayra Tay and i am a freshman in Hanover College, Indiana
YAYRA (7:42:29 PM): I live in Adenta in Accra and i love Politics…a lot
KWADWO (7:42:34 PM): Im Kwadwo and im a political animal,im based in memphis
ATO (7:43:10 PM): U support any particular political party?
YAYRA (7:43:48 PM): No, i am unaffiliated and i just watch from the sidelines and critisize when it is due
NEHEMIAH (7:43:49 PM): I’m Nehemiah Attigah, a Microsoft Dynamics Nav consultant based in Lagos,Nigeria….just love to analyse …not a politcal animal
ATO (7:44:45 PM): Cool
ATO (7:44:58 PM): Ray?
ATO (7:45:07 PM): Kwame
ATO (7:45:26 PM): Tell us about yoursel?
ATO (7:46:06 PM): Nehemiah
ATO (7:46:16 PM): You there?
NEHEMIAH (7:46:21 PM): yeah am here
RAYMOND (7:46:28 PM): hi
NEHEMIAH (7:46:32 PM): …i thought i had done that already
NEHEMIAH (7:46:45 PM): do you want a copy and paste ?
ATO (7:46:55 PM): Guess we have the most stable connections
YAYRA (7:47:08 PM): i am still here
NEHEMIAH (7:47:14 PM): yes we do…GT guys are in trouble
ATO (7:47:14 PM): Ok
ATO (7:47:33 PM): Yayra, any expectations?
GODWIN (7:47:46 PM): can i take my turn?
YAYRA (7:47:55 PM): I am just hoping none of them mess up cos the vultures are witing eagerly
ATO (7:48:10 PM): True
ATO (7:48:34 PM): Won’t it be fun if some of them mess up?
NEHEMIAH (7:48:37 PM): i think Nana and Dr.Nduom will steal the show because of their public speaking skills
ATO (7:48:50 PM): Ok Godwin
ATO (7:49:00 PM): A bit about yourself
YAYRA (7:49:06 PM): Don’t judge in haste because some of the others are experienced as well
NEHEMIAH (7:49:32 PM): ok ..lets wait and see
YAYRA (7:49:44 PM): fair enough
NEHEMIAH (7:50:26 PM): hi
GODWIN (7:50:26 PM): I’m Godwin Agboka, a PhD candidate here in the USA
RAYMOND (7:50:36 PM): finally
RAYMOND (7:50:44 PM): ok
LAMISI (7:50:49 PM): i am lamisi dabire ,a freelance journalist
RAYMOND (7:50:59 PM): welcome Lamisi
ATO (7:51:16 PM): Lamisi is in Accra
RAYMOND (7:51:27 PM): ok
GODWIN (7:51:32 PM): nice
LAMISI (7:51:42 PM): thanks guys
ATO (7:51:52 PM): Is Godwin in here?
GODWIN (7:51:59 PM): yep
GODWIN (7:52:05 PM): did u see my intro?
RAYMOND (7:52:11 PM): i am raymond etornam agbeame , Level 400 cs major at KNUST,kumasi
NEHEMIAH (7:52:17 PM): yes Godwin
GODWIN (7:52:25 PM): cool
LAMISI (7:52:44 PM): welcome ray
RAYMOND (7:52:52 PM): thanks everyone
YAYRA (7:52:55 PM): welcome lamisi
ATO (7:53:20 PM): Ray any expectations?
LAMISI (7:53:25 PM): thanks
RAYMOND(7:53:40 PM): looking forward to a great debate
RAYMOND (7:54:00 PM): i want to see how sharp the candidates are
ATO (7:54:06 PM): Lamisi
LAMISI (7:54:14 PM): i am expecting all the candidates to exhibit a full graps of concerns of Ghanaians
ATO (7:54:34 PM): Ok
LAMISI (7:54:41 PM): health,sanitation,water,economic acceleration,
ATO (7:54:48 PM): For u what r the concerns?
ATO (7:54:56 PM): Yayra?
YAYRA (7:55:46 PM): well, i believe health and education are the basics but economic stability abd acceleration are also important
ATO (7:56:09 PM): Ok
ATO (7:56:16 PM): Nehemiah?
LAMISI (7:56:20 PM): increasingly corruption , accountability and drugs are becoming a huge concern with the propensity to derail all the agains we have made in the last few yrs
NEHEMIAH (7:56:57 PM): for me… accelerated development is crucial because it encompasses,education,etc
ATO (7:57:12 PM): Ok
ATO (7:57:21 PM): Any predictions?
ATO (7:57:36 PM): Who will come up tops?
NEHEMIAH (7:57:38 PM): we will see who fits the bill tonight
LAMISI (7:58:11 PM): i expect prof,nana and Dr.Nduom to speak with clarity considering their exposure
GODWIN (7:58:13 PM): i am concerned about the economy and security. I want to hear from the candidates address how they will wean ghana off the IMF and other such agencies.

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