Information minister-designate, Zita Okaikoi is appearing before the appointments committee of parliament today. Many have been looking forward to this day for the simple reason that in her first radio interview after the announcement of her nomination she impressed very few. Sources have told me that she’s very determined to give a very good account of herself today and prove sceptics wrong. I wish her well. I think she will just about go through and her nomination will be approved. Any other result will surprise me. The real test, however, will be when she takes office. That’s when I expect her inexperience to cost her the job within six months – no more!

Dr. Yankey’s appearance will also be quite interesting because he’s an ex-convict – jailed under the Kufuor administration for causing financial loss to the state only to be granted a presidential pardon. Was it one of the “kangaroo trials” incoming Attorney General, Betty Mould-Iddrisu referred to? This might be one of the questions he’d be asked. I’d be delighted to have you on the live blog.  

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