Frankly speaking, I find it difficult to understand why a virile man will want to have anal sex with another man. The whole idea of being gay baffles me. It’s one of the mysteries of life that I will never understand.

But does it really matter if I don’t understand? It’s a matter of choice. Some like apples, others love oranges. Yet more others relish biting into watermelons, which I personally hate. Like fruits, sex is a matter of choice.

With that in mind, I don’t give a toss who is having sex with whom, where and how. Mostly. When I hear a story of a pastor desecrating the inner sanctum of teenagers in his congregation, of course, that gives me cause for concern. But I don’t care if Kwaku Mensah in Fanteakwa, a full-grown man who works hard to feed himself, decides to have anal sex with Kwabena Bonsu of Atonkyini, another full grown man.

What they do in their bedroom is entirely their business and I don’t see why anyone should hate them for choosing how they derive sexual pleasure. It’s like hating someone who enjoys watermelons, simply because I don’t like watermelon.

Much as I don’t understand why people become gay, I also don’t understand all the hatred being spewed on people in this country who have chosen to be gay.

So, what’s all the fuss about men having sex with men? The Daily Graphic reports that 8,000 homosexual men have “registered” with an NGO in the Western and Central Regions and suddenly, we hear the BNI is going to “investigate” the issue. It’s the perfect opportunity for the BNI to show us once again that its agents have little to do. Has being gay suddenly become a national security issue?

As the BNI launches its spurious investigation, I hear a doctor from Kumasi proclaiming that homosexuality should be checked otherwise it would destroy the moral fibre of our society. He says homosexuality could also lead to a decline in population because people will stop giving birth if men decide to have anal sex. Give me a break! The moral fibre of our society is constantly on the decline and it has nothing to do with men and women choosing to be gay.

I also don’t see the correlation between the increasing number of gay people and population decline. In any case, the national population is growing way too fast and so if the claim that gay men and women will contribute in any way to reducing our burgeoning population is true, shouldn’t we be thinking of conferring national honours on them?

We also hear all sorts of religious mumbo about how God will not bless us if we do not stop the homosexuals or discourage homosexuality. Really?

If that were the case, no Western country will be blessed and they would wake up every morning to face the wrath of God. Holland, America and Italy have large communities of gay men and women, yet if you asked me I’d say they seem more blessed than Ghana or any African country has ever been – or will ever be.

I don’t know how God chooses to bless nations but I don’t think he uses any gay index to determine where to pour his bounties. The Vatican is in Rome. Have the homophobes in Ghana ever wondered how many gay men and women there are in the so-called ‘Holy City’. Perhaps, we should send Reverend Monsignor Raphael Owusu of Kumasi to go and do a head count. After that, he might just shut up and stop urging our government to ignore human rights campaigners who say society should leave the gay people alone.

No doubt homosexuality is taboo subject in this country. But the rising tide of hatred for homosexuals must be stopped before it gets out of hand. The BNI’s decision to get involved in this matter doesn’t help matters in any way. They claim it’s even against the law because it amounts to “unnatural carnal knowledge”. Who decided that putting a penis in a vagina is more natural than penis-to-anus? If anal sex is taboo, what do we do about the men who have anal sex with women?

I don’t care about what any man decides to put in his anus or where he chooses to put his penis. Neither should anyone else. The state should get out of people’s bedrooms and let those who want to be gay be gay. All the religious mumbo-jumbo that is used to just heap hate on people simply because they are not having sex the way we expect them to should cease.

The problem is not with the gay people. The problem is with those who want to blame their problems on the gay people. Let those who want to be gay enjoy their sex just as much as those who have anal sex with their female partners do. We can’t all have sex the same way just as we all can’t be munching on watermelons.


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