Baaba Andoh Ato, nobody really cares what happens in someone’s bedroom and I certainly don’t think it’s a BNI issue. But it goes beyond apples and melons. Yes, all these societies have things we want but they have many others that we can live without. We should focus on the positive things that developed countries have. If someone wants to be gay they can go ahead, but I reserve the right detest what they do.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie No, you don’t! How does what they do affect you? Who said that being gay is from the developed countries and that 1000 years ago, African men were not gay?

Sammy King Baiden Ato, the problem is that the community in which we are has already declared their stand on this issue and will see those who have contrary views as opposed to the “norm”

Adolph Addison Righteousness exalt a nation and sin is a reproach – Proverbs 14: 34

Philip Arthur Most of these things start from the secondary schools boarding houses.

Edmund Amarkwei Foley Ghana, there are other things to focus on at this point in our lives than on this!

Abusuapanyin Kwesi Aikins They need to be confined at a place and be delivered of this evil thing that they are doing…

Papa Nii Ayertey Ato, I don’t think it is as simple as leaving people to choose who they decide to sleep with. If it was, then we should legalise wee, cocaine and the rest because if I decide to take cocaine in my body why should anyone care? It’s my body and it’s not affecting anybody – at least not directly. Why does the advanced countries try to prevent people from abusing drugs? Isn’t also against the right of those people to abuse drugs. There is a limit to rights everywhere and each society decides what the limits are. We as a society have decided that homosexuality is “bad” and should be detested – and that is that. BTW I don’t hate homosexuals.

Felix Appiah Ankuma Now everyone is turning Gay. Ray Boltz whose music I can’t stop listening to says he is now a Gay man! Elton John too! Thanks God that R. Kelly likes his with young girls but will quote Shaggy saying “it wasn’t me” in that sex tape!

Baaba Andoh Ato, there have always been gay people as well as prostitutes. They can do what they want but I am free to like or dislike. Very soon we will have male on male prostitution and then they would want to get married. We can not have it half and half

Ato Kwamena Dadzie Once again, Baaba, how does that affect you?

Ato Kwamena Dadzie ‎@Ayertey – why is being gay as bad? You can’t compare it with drugs because when someone abuses narcotics, they affect their mental functioning, they get so addicted that they’d come and rob you just to get a fix, in robbing you they might kill you. Even if they don’t come robbing you, a drug addict with an abnormality of mental functioning could just strike you dead while you are taking a leisurely walk in the park. How does a gay man harm you?

Papa Nii Ayertey That is where those against gays may raise the procreation argument. Don’t forget, not long ago suicide was a crime in most advanced countries – how did that affect anybody. If your argument is right, then there shouldn’t be a blanket restriction on drug abuse. If I can prove I can afford drugs then I should have the right to abuse it. I rather think most drugs are banned because it is believed it destroys the “body” (user’s body) – that is probably why in some countries they NOW permit wee because they now believe it does not destroy. We, somehow, as a society, think homo is unnatural and destroys the body/society (which I think is quaint). If you are able to diasbuse our minds that that is not the case, that will be great but I don’t think that arguing that homos have a right to “choose” is enough.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie ‎”Not long ago”, you said, Ayertey. That means they de-criminlised suicide. You know why they did so? Because if I kill myself it doesn’t affect you. If you can prove that you can use drugs you should be able to use it? And when you do and it affects your reasoning, how will you prove that you won’t pick an axe and whack me on the street? You are not making a coherent, well-thought-out argument. Think and come again.

Papa Nii Ayertey No need to get overly excited. Then why permit alcohol? It can have the same effect as drugs – isn’t it? The procreation argument is how it affects all of us. If we allow everybody to become a homo, humans will become extinct – wouldn’t we? Or we should allow it until we realise that we are becoming extinct then ban it.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie ‎@Nii – I am not arguing with you anymore. Stick to your beliefs, let me stick to mine. No need for red herrings. If you think alcohol has the same effect as cocaine or heroine, then you need to be speaking to a doctor – not arguing with me. I end my case. Thanks.

Papa Nii Ayertey My argument is that those who have de-criminised suicide still restrict certain acts people have a “right” to – and which does not directly affect their neigbour. Just arguing that people should have unfettered rights as long as it doesn’t affect (physically) the next person is not enough.

Papa Nii Ayertey Just came to say what I think! And if you think marijuana is worse than alcohol, then u are naive.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie So you smoked any today? You are arguing in reverse gear! I didn’t even say anything about marijuana.

Papa Nii Ayertey Ha ha! I just thought of another example: you think we should have the right to walk naked in public or have sex in public? It doesn’t affect anybody – does it? But I don’t think any society permits it because it offends most societies’ sense of …… just like homo offends ours. Sorry I didn’t blindly agree with your ideas but you are my man! Peace.

Ato Kwamena Dadzie You didn’t blindly agree with my ideas. That’s fair. Problem is that you blindly argued yours.

Baaba Andoh That a man will xxxx behind another man. The thought is frightening. Ebei. Then we will move slowly to boys going after sugar daddies and then we will have to lock our husbands/boyfriends because not only are they being pursued by little girls now we have to compete with men too. As far as I am concerned there is not enough men to go around so for a man to decide he wants another man is the height of wickedness!

Ato Kwamena Dadzie Baaba, you are funny. But then, you have one already. What’s the problem? The others will make their own luck and they will find their men. Don’t worry.



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