Today, I saw the most horrific pictures I’ve ever set eyes on. They are images of young, vibrant men and women who are hanging on to dear life after being caught in a huge ball of fire at the Winneba Junction. A gas tanker collided with a salon car, leaving a trail of death, excruciating pain and unimaginable trauma.

Eleven people died instantly – mostly people who were just strolling around. The pictures I saw (taken by my friend and colleague, Yaa Asamoah) are of those who barely survived the accident. They are being treated at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital. Sadly, the prognosis is not good. And it wrenches my heart.
Sadly, this may not be the last horrific accident we see on this particular stretch of road at the Winneba Junction. About one or two accidents occur here every week.
Obviously, there is a problem. Sadly, no one seems to have a solution and lives are being lost at such an alarming rate.
It’s just not right!  

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