Dear Nana,

So now, it’s official. You really want to be president of this wretched republic of ours. Sorry, but that ain’t gonna happen. You can go ahead and win the NDC presidential primaries against a disappointing Atta Mills. But, you will lose the national election. I will bet my bottom pesewa on that.

Mills might have been disappointing but you and your husband will not be our saving grace. The two of you demonstrated to us over a period of almost 20 years, that you have nothing to offer this country. All you want is to become president and use our state to glorify the Rawlings name and use our money to take care of your grandchildren in posh schools abroad, while children study here under trees. Over a period of two decades, you and your husband lied to us, brutalized us – shaving heads with broken bottles and all – and run our nation down.

After all that, it baffles me that you think that Ghanaians are foolish enough to hand the affairs of the nation back to you and your husband. Do you think we wash our faces upwards? Or do you think we bath with cesspool water?

Ghanaians have had enough of you and that husband of yours and all of your evil machinations and orchestrations.

You see, if there had been any sign that the evil woman who justified the use of broken bottles to shave people’s heads had turned into an angel, there would have been a remote possibility that Ghanaians would consider your bid for the presidency as an attempt to right the wrongs of the past. But that evil woman then is the same evil woman today and she’s even more cunning and full of venom. To make it worse, she’s grown increasingly vindictive because her husband is not being allowed to have his way.

That stunt you pulled at the Trade Fair Centre, where you refused to stand up to recognize the entry of the sitting president was an affront to the office you now seek to occupy. If someone had done that to you or your husband, he would have been thrown into some dark bunker. But what you did is not half as important as the infantile lie you told to justify your action. What did you say, again? You were sending a text message so you didn’t see the president enter. OK, if you didn’t see the president enter, may I ask if you didn’t see everyone else stand up? All that flurry of activity would have made even a blind elephant stop and take notice but not our vindictive, treacherous Nana Konadu. She was busy (and so blinded) by a text message she was sending to the devil and was oblivious to everything else around her.

Just admit it, Nana. You detest President Mills and you will never miss an opportunity to let him know that if you had your way you will never treat him “with kid gloves”. You’ve made that point over and over again. Now, you are about to put your plan into action. This path you’ve taken will render an ineffectual president even more useless – make him a lame duck. Even if you don’t win the NDC presidential primaries in July, your decision to contest Mills will further deflate his confidence and shed more light on the fact that he’s not a man in control. He’s never been. Your bid might also help your husband regain control of the NDC. It’s his property, after all. You and your husband can take your party. That’s alright. But that’s as far as this bid can take you. It won’t earn you the presidency of the republic.

If you don’t know already, let me take a moment to spell it all out to you why you won’t be president.

First of all, Ghanaians – most of those floating voters who neither seek refuge under your husband’s multi-coloured umbrella nor ride on the rampaging elephant – know that you are up to no good. You only want to be president so that you can finish off what your husband started – lead this country into ruinous divisions, suppress us and establish a Rawlings dynasty.

Secondly, we also know that you are evil. Any woman, with a son, who justifies the shaving of another woman’s son with broken bottles is evil. Even those plasters of heavy duty make-up and that tall headgear, built like the Empire State building, can’t hide the evil that you are. I’d rather have an ineffectual man than an evil woman in charge of this country. I’d like to see a woman in charge of the affairs of this country but you definitely are not that woman. I’d rather go for Auntie Akweley, the ‘wele’ dealer who sells by that big gutter in Makola.

Thirdly, by deciding to contest the sitting president from your own party, you are essentially attempting to stage a palace coup, which is to be expected – she who sleeps with a coup maker, no doubt, picks up a few lessons in treachery and betrayal. This palace coup of yours will further divide and weaken your (husband’s) party. Atta Mills’ indecisive leadership hasn’t won the NDC any plaudits over the last two years. So the NDC’s chances of winning the elections next year have been on the decline for quite a while. Now with your bid to upstage him, an ailing party is being torn apart. No party in such a sorry state wins an election anywhere in the world.

Add that to the fact that you are not the winning candidate you think you are. You may be popular in the NDC but the wider Ghanaian population won’t vote for you mainly because you and your husband took us for a ride to nowhere for 19 good years. Your gari-frying and palm oil extraction ways didn’t influence our society in any meaningful way. We gave you 19 solid years to impress and all we got was… wait a minute… nothing – except for a lot of hot air from your bullying husband. The two of you forced some of our brightest and best brains into exile, threw our educational system into utter shambles and collapsed our health service. Then you brutalized those who dared to complain, jailing them and shaving off their heads with broken bottles. Then you have the gall to turn around to ask us to let you ruin this country even more? Over my ugly dead body. 19 years of the rule of the Rawlingses helped Rawlings and his kin more than it helped this nation. We’ve had enough of the Rawlings brutality and wickedness and so you better leave us alone to fix what you and your husband destroyed.

The truth is that Atta Mills is doing a very lousy job as president. But if Atta Mills is failing, the last person I expect to step in to salvage the situation is you. So from now on, whenever I go down on my knees to pray I will ask the man above to keep you as far away from the presidency as possible. If there is any campaign out there to make sure you never become president, I will throw my feeble weight behind it. I will do whatever I need to do to save my country from all the evils you and your husband stand for – identification haircuts, wanton abuse, vindictiveness, opportunism, lack of vision, corruption and inept leadership. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings should never become president of Ghana. Never!


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