All throughout the weekend, I’ve been getting a lot of calls and email from people asking me if I had seen this:

It’s an article castigating me for raising questions about the competence of Zita Okaikoi, my poor education, my failure to learn from the likes of Komla Dumor and Akwasi Sarpong, both former colleagues of mine at Joy FM and now working with the BBC.

I read it and I had a good laugh.

A lot of the people who read it and contacted me have asked if I would respond and when. Some have specifically told me to respond (as if they decide what I do), with someone suggesting that if I don’t respond my “name will forever be (tarnished).”

So here is my response – I don’t have a response. Not to this one. And not now. I don’t engage in ‘shadow-boxing’. I don’t respond to articles written by faceless non-entities. The day the writer shows his real identity – who he is, where he works, who he works for and what he does – I might consider a response. For now, I am glad the gentleman has had his say. That is the beauty of democracy.

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