It’s taken too long but finally, it’s here.

For those of you who like your internet on the go, this blog is now available on your mobile device. Just type in on your mobile phone and you can access a scaled-down version of the site.

On the mobile site, you can read the latest articles and add your comments. With the mobile site up and running, can read on the trotro on your way to (and from) town. When you can’t bear the wait any longer in the post office or the ‘trotro’ station, you can just whip out your phone and join the discussion. You can even read in the loo. The choice is yours.

Don’t get too hooked on mobile though. There are certain features, like the poll and audio files, which can only be accessed on the main site.

The mobile version should have come much earlier, I know. Sorry about that. But I am glad that it’s finally up and running. My appreciation to Michael Adom for putting it together. I am also thankful for all those who kept reminding me about the need to get a mobile site.

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