At long last the day is here. We’ve been looking forward to this day since the results of the last elections were declared. For four years, the politicians have had their say. They’ve coaxed us, they’ve wowed us and they’ve bribed us.

In some instances, they gave us doses of ‘shock and awe’ and in others they only succeeded in making asses of themselves. In all cases, we watched, we listened and we tried to respond the best way we could under the circumstances. Most often than not, they didn’t pay much heed.
But today, we get to have our say – our most important say in four years. We will speak and they will listen.
It is very significant that the three main parties are campaigning on two different platforms. The two opposition parties are campaign on a platform of ‘change’ and the ruling party wants to continue in power to push its “moving forward” agenda. I think our country needs both.
Our country needs ‘change’ in many ways and we also need to get ‘moving forward’ by racing as fast as we can to catch up with the dreams our forebears had for this nation.
Therefore, for me, the two distinct campaign messages converge someway, somehow to unite us for one purpose – building a strong, proud, progressive nation. That’s what these elections are about. It’s as much about ‘change’ as it is about ‘moving forward’.
It’s the dawn of a new era. Go out there and vote.
Remember: Ghana first!
Vote wisely. And don’t forget to vote ‘skirt and blouse’. Ghana will win!

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