Dearest Prof,

I have seen and heard all that is going on. I am sorry they are treating you so shabbily. But if you know these people, they are an extremely “buga-buga”, seldom thinking before acting. If they say you should go, please, don’t fight them. Leave them to their own senseless devices and take your talent elsewhere – to some place where you would be appreciated and accorded the respect you deserve.

Whatever they do and wherever you go, I want you to remember that even though I scoffed and laughed at your failed bid to lead the NPP into electoral battle, you’d always be one of my favourite Ghanaians of all time. You are one of the smartest, most able and competent Ghanaians God ever created or ever will. Your abilities as one of the preeminent heart surgeons in the world could have earned you millions elsewhere. But being the patriot you are, you chose to shut your eyes to the allure of wealth in a rich country, deciding instead to put your expertise and talent at the disposal of your people.

With common sense, unalloyed dedication, perseverance and sheer bravado you built the Cardiothoracic Centre at Korle Bu. That centre, by any standard is a world class facility, which stands like a gem atop the hefty puddle of dung, which is the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. You conceived the idea of a world class centre where people suffering heart diseases could get healing, right here in Ghana and worked your nails off to make sure the vision became reality. You did what all of our health ministers since Nkrumah put together never even dreamt of you.

You are a true Ghanaian hero and we all know it. Even those hounding you out of the directorship of the cardio centre know you are a better man, a better Ghanaian than they are or ever will. They are just blinded by politics, envy and sheer stupidity. They are so dim they think by putting off your shinning light, they would appear bright.

They think they can throw dust in our eyes. But we see through their lies. They say you are too old, past retirement age and so you must go and just teach. We know they are just being crass. If there is anyone who should step aside it is the one spewing the nonsense that you should step aside because you are past the retirement age.

Whether you decide to move on or fight this travesty is your choice, Prof.

You’ve been a great teacher and not just to future surgeons but to the entire nation. You’ve taught us that with single-minded determination one man can make a lot of difference – no matter the obstacles that are placed in his path. I don’t know whether you want to continue teaching but I know for sure that, unless a miracle happens, you will never become president. You have done more than enough for your country. Now, is the time, Prof, for you to get a little bit selfish – do something for you for once. Take a vacation. Go and bask in the sunny heat of Barbados. Then go back to Germany and do your thing. They will lay the red carpet for you and put Yieleh Chireh and Atta Mills to great shame.

Knowing you – albeit from a distance – I get the sense that you will stay around and fix Ghanaian hearts. That what brings you satisfaction and no one can begrudge you for that. But whatever you choose to do, Prof., I need you to remember that most Ghanaians love you. We know you are a true patriot and what they are doing to you is plain wrong.

One day, someday soon, they will pay for it. If Ghana got ten more of your kind – or someone like you sitting in that seat Atta Mills occupies today, surrounded by incompetent, vindictive and dim hangers-on – our nation would be a nation worth dying for. Looking at the shabby treatment they are meting out to you, I wonder if we would ever get another Ghanaian patriot who would ever dream of making any of the selfless sacrifices you’ve made for this nation.

God bless you, Prof.



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