All the confusion surrounding the school feeding programme, compels me to reproduce an article I wrote about a year ago – a few months before I set up this blogsite. I really don’t get the point of the school feeding programme. I think it’s an utter waste of money.

I fail to see how providing meals will increase school enrolment – which is one of the main reasons offered for why we need a school feeding programme. In fact, a few weeks ago the education minister was heard expressing disappointment at school enrolment this year, despite the existence of the school feeding programme.

And, now the rumpus over who has the right to provide the meals coupled with the politically-motivated and senseless decision to dismiss Michael Nsowah as co-ordinator of the programme puts me in no doubt that the programme was deliberately set up to line the pockets of the cronies of whoever happens to be in power. It has very little to do with increasing school enrolment. Read my thoughts on the school feeding programme, first published in the Daily Dispatch in June 2008 (or so!), at this link:

My point is quite simple – government should provides the schools and the teaching learning aids. It’s the responsibility of parents to feed their children. But most importantly, apart from being an utter waste of money, the programme is just not sustainable.

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