The signs were on the wall
The cedi had started to fall
The cedi, once appreciating the dollar
The cedi, now depreciating against the dollar
The dollar is scarce and the cedi is scared

The free-fall laid bankrupt thinking bare
Yet no one seemed to care
Until the stench hit the roof
Now the moment of truth
This malaise prayer can’t uproot
The dollar is scarce and we are all scared

Enter Wampah, the banking umpire
Caught dozing on the job
Pants down, he moves like a clown
He wants to save the cedi from going further down
So he says my own money I can’t withdraw
That kind of thinking has a fundamental flaw
The dollar is scarce and Wampah is scared

Wampah must be a joker
I won’t give my strong dollar for his weak cedi
So let it be known to Wampah, the umpire
If he doesn’t give me my dollar, I will need no banker
Under my pillow my dollars will go
Hard dollars he will no longer see
And we shall dread where the cedi will be
The dollar is scarce, we all must be scared
That’s what we get for staying first geared


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