Agoo! Amee! Agoo! Amee!

I am the town crier sent to tell you that when a man learns to wash his hands, he eats with the elders. A pregnant son of the land has gone within himself and birthed a book; the elders say we must listen and learn.

Masterfully and craftily woven, Pretending to be President chronicles the thoughts and musings of a President as he navigates the challenges of running a nation.

With the same precision the custodians used to build the Larabanga mosque in Northern Ghana and the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Dadzie successfully channels the very human thoughts and ideas, any man, tasked with governing a nation would have.

Far from being a tear-jerker or academic exercise, Dadzie brings his natural gift of humor, tinged with sarcasm much to the delight of the attentive reader.

Agoo! Amee! Agoo! Amee!

I am the town crier and the elders say let them who have wisdom get a copy!

* Klorkor L. Okai is a barrister in New York. She is the daughter of famed poet, Atukwei Okai.


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