The year 2009 has been an exciting one on this blog. It wouldn’t have been so without your patronage. You take time off whatever schedule you have to come visit. For that I am grateful.

I am especially grateful to those of you who take even more time to generously share your thoughts with me, offering varying perspectives on issues ranging from Muntaka’s ‘chinchinga’ to bowel evacuation habits.

Special thanks to Wascarat, Abena Obi, Hubert NY, Nana Essiful, ‘Somebody’, Adowa, Paa Kwesi, Banske and all those who offered ideas that contributed to making this ‘playground’ so interesting. I’ve not met most of you but I consider you all as friends.

I wish all the very best of 2010. I hope it’s certainly better than the year just gone by. I pray for increased wisdom for us all and greater love for our country.

Thanks, once again and Happy New Year.

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