At the beginning of a new week, I wish to express my appreciation to all those who made the end of the last week a happy and enjoyable one for me. Last Friday was my birthday and I was deeply touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of friends – both new and far.

At the beginning of the day, my colleagues at Joy FM presented me with a TV set I was planning to buy for myself. And it was my favourite brand too – Panasonic. The on-air presentation was a humbling experience for me.

Later in day, Efua Houadjeto of Image Consortium footed the lunch bill for 15 of my favourite people. The food at Foodies (owned by Azumah Nelson’s wife, Peggy) was delicious and we all had a blast (modern slang for ‘fun’).

Earlier, one of my key mentors, Kwaku Sakyi-Addo performed ‘happy birthday’ for me on his saxophone.

It was a sublime moment for me that the legend of Ghanaian journalism serenaded me with a complex musical instrument. He told me later that it had taken him three weeks to rehearse and I appreciated the performance even more. It got me thinking about learning to play a musical instrument. I’m looking at either the guitar or the piano.

Later in the afternoon Eugenia Appiah, who runs Spelling Bee Ghana, bought me a delicious chocolate cake which I shared with my friends at Joy FM. In the evening Eugenia brought together some friends for an adult spelling bee. My group came second in the team competition and I won the individual competition. I had a great time and I wouldn’t mind a rematch. I am thinking of suggesting to Eugenia that the adult spelling bee should be a regular event.

All throughout the day, I received hundreds of text messages and online messages from people I know and those I don’t know, wishing me well and praying abundant blessings on me.

Until last Friday, I’d never been touched in so many ways by so many different people in so many different places on the same day. It was one of the best days of my life. I didn’t want it to end. I am thankful to all those who made it possible with kind words and generous deeds.


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