Dear God, what is this I hear? She also wants to be president? What have we done to deserve this, my Lord?

You know, I am all for women empowerment and emancipation. I believe that our first female president would end up being our best leader, yet I hope to live to see a woman become president of this wretched republic.

But, Good God, I hope it’s not this woman. I’d rather die – or at the very least, resign my citizenship. If she comes anywhere near the presidency, I’d go to Bunkprugu Yonyoo and make my way towards one of the refugee camps in Togo.

If her party loses all appetite for power, and they choose her as presidential candidate, that would be their cup of tea because I know that her candidature will spell great doom for the party.

Not only is she bad news for her party. Having her run for president will be a national tragedy.

A vote for her will amount to a vote for the raving loon who led us nowhere for almost two decades. And, God, you know how vindictive they both are. With their false sense of grievance, they will go all out to avenge every perceived wrong done them and by so doing they will lead this country down the path to national self-destruction.

Merciful God, let this cup pass us by.

You know a vote for her in any national election will also be a vote for unbridled evil. For that’s what she is. What sort of woman will proudly speak about how security officers gave her daughter’s estranged boyfriend an ‘identification haircut’. Only two women I know will do that: Jezebel and her.

Above all else, I know, dear Lord that she and her husband have no vision. They have no plan and they have no idea how to take this country out of its misery. In fact, they don’t care about this land. For almost two decades most of us looked on helplessly as they run this country into a lurch, ruining our educational system as their children were educated in elite schools abroad, ostensibly under the sponsorship of so-called friends.

They are a self-absorbed couple who care about only themselves and their cronies. If they come back, they will only take us closer to the abyss from where you so graciously saved us. What we have is not the best but what they offer is definitely the worst. We don’t want it.

I pray the campaign that has apparently just begun to get her to contest the 2012 elections crashes before it actually takes off. Oh Lord, let this cup pass us by.

Thankfully, we hear she has not made up her mind – not yet! Oh Lord, help her never to make her mind. Whatever you do, please keep her leading her ragtag band of red-beret women to continue frying ‘gari’ and scooping palm oil – while nursing her husband’s eternally bruised ego.



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