Nana Addo,

I have just one question for you. Do you want to die?
I’ve just heard that your convoy has been involved in yet another accident – this time on the Accra-Takoradi Highway. This is about the third accident in as many weeks, isn’t it?
Earlier this month, there was an accident involving the bus carrying some journalists covering your campaign. This happened in the Eastern Region. Few got hurt and no one died. Thank God. My very good friend, Bernard Saibu was on the bus but escaped unhurt. I would have been devastated if Bernard (the JOY FM reporter ‘embedded’ your campaign) had suffered any injury.
Just about a week ago, two of the cars in your convoy ran themselves into a ditch somewhere in the north. Few were injured and once again, no one died – thankfully.
These are the accidents that have happened very recently. I am aware that the convoy has been involved in other accidents in other places – even before you became a presidential candidate.
So just tell me: what the heck is going on? Don’t tell me the witches in your ‘house’ are after you. I don’t want to hear you (or anyone close to you) say that someone has invoked Antoa Nyama to strike you down.
I have this very strong feeling that you think you are president already and you can speed around anyhow. Or have you been nursing illusions that you may just be the next Lewis Hamilton? Please you are not a president (yet) and you most definitely will not be the next Lewis Hamilton.
So, just slow down! Otherwise, you are going to die. You can call me a “doom monger”. I don’t give a damn. I’m just giving you a ‘citizen’s advise’. Take it and save a life (which may as well be yours) or leave it.
Do you remember what happened to JAK last year? He escaped an accident when an idiot rammed into his speeding convoy. He was lucky. You might not be as lucky.
They say the “speed that thrills is the speed that kills”. It has never made sense to me that presidents drive at such high speeds. I remember when JAK escaped that accident, I told someone to advise him to slow down. Well, as usual, he didn’t heed my advice and he keeps driving around at top speed as if his head is “not there”. But I’m not worried about him because he will be going very soon. Right now, seriously, I don’t care if he speeds to his death. I can endure 30 days of Aliu without having to doze off in boredom.
But I’m worried about you. You seem to be driving faster than even the sitting president does. I know you may be thinking that this is a rehearsal. It’s not! In any case, why rehearse when you know very well that you may lose the election? Or you think it’s already a done deal?
Let’s just assume that you win the election and become the president. Do you think you will have the moral authority to advise us to be careful on the roads and not drive above the speed limit?
In essence, Nana, I’m saying that when you sit in your convoy and allow your chauffeurs to drive like mad clones of Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton you are breaking the law and endangering lives. Last time I checked you are not above the law. So, for God’s sake, slow down. I know you in a hurry to move forward. But at these speeds, trust me, you might be moving alright… but not forward. But, hey, if you want to move faster forward towards Awudome or the Royal Akyem Mausoleum, then, be my guest – speeeeeed, Nana, speed. 

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