As an Arsenal fan, I was upset by the team’s loss to Manchester City over the weekend. Arsene Wenger’s squad played lousily and lost to a better team. I am taking the defeat in my stride, hoping that our team will do better in future matches and maybe, just maybe, go on to win a trophy this year.

I am, however, taken aback by suggestions that Emmanuel Adebayor – a former Arsenal player, now with Manchester City – could be punished for either of two incidents that happened in the match on Saturday, or both. First was his stamp on Robin van Persie’s face, which injured the Dutchman, and the second was how he celebrated the goal against his former club.

He has just been charged with violent conduct for the stamp on van Persie and improper conduct for his goal celebration. He has up till tomorrow (Wednesday) evening to respond to charges and if he’s found guilty, he could face a three-match ban. If that happens he will not play in the Derby against Manchester United on Sunday.

I think Adebayor didn’t set out to deliberately injure his former team mate by stamping his face with the studs of his boot. Only a cruel human being would do that. I think Adebayor is not that cruel. That incident was a regrettable accident and it should be seen as such. I feel sorry for van Persie though and I hope he heals soon. Adebayor has apologised for it and that’s enough.

On the second issue of how he celebrated his goal against Arsenal, I fail to see the reason why he should be punished. I found it quite unique that he expressed his joy by racing across the length of the stadium to the opposite side of the post into which he had kicked the ball. They say he did so to taunt the Arsenal fans before whom he knelt and spread out his hands, as if to say “take that, I scored against you – and you thought I wasn’t good enough?”

Those suggesting punishment for the Togolese say that sort of celebration incited the Arsenal fans who started throwing missiles, one of which hit a steward. They should rather be looking out for the guys who threw the missiles at Adebayor – one of which hit the poor steward.

Adebayor broke no rule. He was just celebrating his goal. And he chose a very unique way to let his joy be known. He shouldn’t be punished for that. If Arsenal fans felt hurt by the fact that he scored against his former club, they shouldn’t have taken it out on the poor steward. They are the ones who deserve punishment. Not Adebayor!

He did no wrong. He should play in the match against Manchester United and I pray he scores. I hope he celebrates like he did last Saturday at the City of Manchester Stadiums. That will more than make up for the upset he and his team mates caused me.

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