A few changes have been made to the site, which I hope will make it a little more useful and increase its reach. I won’t exactly consider them as enhancements but they take interactivity on the site a notch higher.

First, I realised that people had the tendency of posting unrelated comments under articles. Such digressions are often unwelcome so I have set a message board where you can get stuff off your chest – anything unrelated to the articles on the site. Consider it a wall on which you can give me a piece of your mind on any subject. Here you can post suggestions, pieces of advice, tip offs, story ideas – of course – the usual invectives.
Secondly, there are tabs under each article that make it easy for my nonsense to be shared with the rest of the world. For example, there is a tab which allows anyone to link articles to their facebook pages. If you are not on facebook, you may want use the email link to share articles. Sharing is caring, remember?
I have had quite a good number of readers asking for RSS feeds and I am very delighted they are now up and running. With RSS (‘Really Simple Syndication) you will receive alerts on updates to the site. This is very good because on those days when you are too busy to log on, you will get a reminder that there is a new article you may be interested in. On the days when I feel too lazy (or my ‘mojo’ deserts me) and I am unable to put anything up, you wouldn’t need to waste your time coming here to check out what’s new.
Finally, there is a poll. I am very excited about this because it would gauge the weight of public opinion on various issues. It’s not very scientific but it helps to some extent.
I hope you find these changes useful. As you have so graciously done in the past, please continue to offer suggestions to make this site an even better cyber-playground of Ghana’s Most Irreverent and a unique medium for unbridled free expression.

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