Few members of the ruling National Democratic Congress joined the party to support an ideology. Most of them got under the umbrella because of one man. Since its formation the NDC has been nothing more than a personality cult, with this one man its demigod. He craves adulation, demands all sorts of sacrifices and – like most gods – he’s almost impossible to please.

No wonder the current high priest in the ‘Akatamanso’ Temple has turned his back on the fastidious demigod. The fact is that the demigod is not as powerful as he used to be. There was a time he used to rule with an iron fist. No one dared stand up against him and he did whatever he pleased. He was powerful.

But that was then.

Now, he’s lost all his powers and he’s fast losing his relevance and his influence. No wonder the high priest has turned his back on him. As vengeful as he’s always been, the demigod wants to strike the high priest with a blow that will make him (the high priest) regret the sacrilege he has committed.

However, the demigod is so weakened that all he can use to strike the high priest are his words – venomous words that seldom make sense and only force the high priest to cover himself in a cloak of obstinacy. Thinking himself wiser, the demigod couches his words as sincere counsel meant to edify the temple, its high priest and those who follow him.

But he’s wrong. He is deceiving himself and his needless outbursts hurt the temple he claims to be protecting and helps the high priest.

You see, in the beginning many thought the high priest was going to allow himself to be tossed about by every foul wind the demigod would blow – even from the bottom. But now, people are realizing that maybe – just maybe – the high priest wants to chart his own path and not walk in the shadows of the wayward demigod.

This is winning the high priest some plaudits. And so even though a lot of people are worried and alarmed at the silly effusions of the demigod, they are thinking that it’s a good sign that someone is calling the demigod’s bluff. The demigod can go around ranting all he wants. With each diatribe more people lose faith in him. It’s even worse when he starts calling one of the high priest’s right hand men as a ‘twit’.

Just a few days ago, the demigod was heard complaining that the one true God is not responding to his prayers. It got me thinking about something I learnt in Sunday School years ago.

My Sunday School teacher taught me that when we pray the one true God above gives us one of three answers. The first could be “yes – you get what you want”. He could also give you an emphatic ‘No’. But He may also tell you to wait. But I just realized that my Sunday School teacher might have unwittingly forgotten to tell me about the fourth possible response from God: “Shut up!”

Someone should tell that to the demigod.

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